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* Tiglion Consultancy Company Limited published 'Professional Travel Manual - Visa Requirements' in 1996.
A one-stop shop operated by Tiglion Travel where travellers can easily make booking through travel.com.hk, a booking system for travel packages, air-tickets, hotels, trains, cruises, travel insurance and so on.
Highlights on airfares, packages, cruise and news of other travel related subjects.
This is where tour packages, cruise packages, land packages, special activity packages are available.
Train and coach passes for travel in Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania. General schedules and fares for trains between Hong Kong and China Mainland for reference purpose.
Highlight promotions, round the world fares, business class tickets.
Cruise fare, including transportations, meals, accommodation, entertainment and so on.
A reference list of hotels in the world.
Prepaid arrangements economical and convenient.

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